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Ideal - 30-1160 - Underground Model 60 Wire Connector

Handles Wire Sizes from #20 to #10 AWG Copper - Sold in pack of 25

Part # : I301160
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Product Description

Sold in pack of 25


The Ideal 30-1160 is the smallest and one of the toughest weatherproof and underground model wire connectors. A twist-on wire connector that is suitable for damp locations and direct burial of wires. It has silicone-based sealant that protects the wire from humidity and corrosion. An underground model wire connector that is very safe and reliable. Ideal 30-1160 handles 20-10 AWG copper wires.


Ideal 30-1160 Features:

  • A non-hardening sealant that seals out moisture to prevent fungus and corrosion
  • Handles AWG copper wire sizes from a minimum of one #20 with one #18 to a maximum of two #12 & one #10 AWG
  • Hexagonal shape for standard nut driver
  • Flame-retardant Shel

Ideal 30-1160 Applications:

  • For underground wire connections
  • Best for damp locations and direct burial of wires
  • Widely used for residential, commercial, and industrial wiring

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer's Number: 30-1160
  • Brand: Ideal
  • UPC Number: 783250758197
  • GTIN: 0783250758197
  • Electrical Accessories: Wire Nuts

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