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Ideal - 30-352J - Ballast Disconnect - Power Plug - Wire Range18 to 12 AWG Solid 14 to 12 AWG Stranded

Orange - 2 Port - 150 Count

Part # : I30352J
Availability: In stock

Product Description

Ideal 30-352J is a 2-port Luminaire Disconnect Powerplug that has the push-in technology for easier installation. The touch-safe design allows users to connect and disconnect Powerplug wirings without using tools, curtailing danger of shock. This has Patented Push-In Technology that quickly locks wires in place. Ideal 30-352J can handle Solid, stranded, and tin bonded AWG wirings.


Ideal 30-352J Feature:

  • Color: Orange
  • Ballast Disconnect - Power Plug
  • Contains dual ports
  • Low insertion force may reduce risk of repetitive trauma injury
  • Holds 12 -18 AWG wirings for solids, 12-14 AWG with ≤19 STRAND for stranded wires and 12 AWG (≤19 STRAND)14 AWG (≤19 STRAND)16 AWG (≤26 STRAND)18 AWG (≤16 STRAND) for tin bonded wires

Ideal 30-352J Feature:

  • Perfect For OEM Or Retrofit Lighting Applications
  • For 1-Ballast Fixture New Installations and Retrofits

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer's Number: 30-352J
  • Brand: Ideal
  • UPC Number: 783250667864
  • GTIN: 0783250667864
  • Electrical Accessories: Wire Nuts
  • Color: Orange

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