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Energy Avenue Warehouse

What makes us different?

While we are capable of serving all types of customers, we are particularly strong in working with large contractors. Energy Avenue has a long history supporting commercial contractors on their biggest projects. We have the inventory, the expertise, and the customer service that they need to successfully complete jobs for their end customers. Not only do we provide their lighting supplies, but we offer consultation and project management expertise to help them choose the right products for their particular projects.

Apart from our strength in working with contractors, here are a few other things that separate us from our competitors:

EXPERIENCE: Over 30 years of experience in the electrical and lighting industry with top-notch expertise
CUSTOMER SERVICE: We promise to provide you the best customer service in the lighting business!
EFFICIENCY: We believe in efficient and green lighting technology, and are dedicated to your transition to LEDs
COMPETITIVE PRICING: We offer the best bang for your buck and focus on getting you the lowest possible price
DISCOUNTS AND DEALS: Bulk discounts for large orders. We also offer the Powered by Savings Business Account, with perks!

Serving Customers Worldwide.

We are based in Nevada, and able to serve customers all across the globe. We’ve strategically grown our business in order to offer the same value to our customers, whether they are right in our backyard or in another country!

There’s never been a better way to buy lighting online than with Energy Avenue. Our process is clear and efficient, and our focus is on bringing you and your business the best and brightest lighting at the lowest available prices. We believe in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting and technology. That’s why our selection and knowledge of LEDs is beyond the competition, with an expertise of 30 years in the business to back it. We don’t just want to sell you lights – we want to save you time, energy, and most importantly, money.

50,000 Square Feet of Inventory.

We have an incredible amout of inventory in our warehouse, ready to be shipped directly to you. By stocking products directly, we are uniquely positioned to fill orders quickly and reliably!