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6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Soraa

Some lighting companies are considered “high-end.” SORAA is one of them. Most everyone enjoys the natural light that nature produces over the typical artificial light that is created indoors. However, SORAA has worked with the science of lighting to bring nature’s light indoors for a unique lighting experience for companies and consumers. Here are six facts you should know about SORAA. LED lighting has arrived, … Read More

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GET SMART FAST! Everything you wanted to know about LUTRON’S Wireless Smart Home Controls

Easy Way to Install Smart Home Control Systems Where do you start to make your house a Smart Home? Right here! Many homeowners become frustrated or find it daunting when they start their Smart Home Lighting Project. There’s no need to be- we’ll show you how to instantly change your home in just a matter of hours. Save yourself money, time, and emotional energy by … Read More

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WIN MORE JOBS – Secrets & Hacks for Lighting and Electrical Contractors

Lighting and Electrical projects are in an industry that’s based both on labor and product acquisition. Established Contractors know that above all, it takes intelligence, strategy, and the right connections to win the bidding war. FIND A DISTRIBUTOR YOU TRUST Since winning a job requires submitting a bid, aligning yourself with the right electrical and lighting distributor is key. If you make the right connections, you … Read More

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An Easy Guide to Plug-In and Bi-Pin Light Bulbs

It’s pretty simple,really!  Unlike your typical light-bulb which has a standard E26 screw base, or for that matter, the smaller screw type E12 Candelabra base, plug-in lamps have 2 or 4 pin bases, and are usually found on PL or “Plug In” or MR16 type lamps. You’ll also hear these referred to as “Twist and Lock” bases. The letter G is the suffix for these … Read More

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One of the most anticipated things about the seasons changing is the ability to spend more time outdoors. Especially so at night when the warm breeze is blowing and the  temperature remains balmy after the sun goes down. Building your own patio, oasis, courtyard, or garden is fun enough, but if you want to be able enjoy it at night, you’ll need the right lighting. … Read More

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Everything You Need To Know About Sex Lighting

Lighting is everything, especially in the bedroom. Sometimes people can ruin the sexual mood without even realizing it. Is it too bright? Too alarming? On the other hand, is the room an off putting and ominous pitch black? It has been proven that the right light can be thoroughly conducive to nights of eroticism, but why? Certain lighting provokes different emotional reactions in us and … Read More

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The Ultimate Power Couple – Solar Power and LED Lighting

    Currently, it seems antiquated and downright irresponsible to continue to use traditional energy guzzling lamps (high-pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent lights) when we have so many new and more efficient options. Remaining with traditional lighting systems is the technological equivalent of the proverbial ostrich, who hides his head in the sand. This lighting model relies exclusively on the electrical power grid and typically … Read More

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