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J is the realest in the lighting and electrical supplies game. He is a seasoned professional who is passionate about providing his customers the highest quality products & service. At Energy Avenue we are in the business of connecting people to their projects.

Classic Bulb: Energy Avenue’s New Line of Antique & Vintage Light Bulbs

Energy Avenue announces their brand new line of antique and vintage style filament light bulbs: Classic Bulb. The timeless aesthetic of the Edison-style bulb has continued to grow in popularity over the last few decades. We find more and more of these bulbs emerging in homes, bars and restaurants going for that vintage/industrial look. The long and intricate windings of filament and low color temperatures … Read More

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What’s the Difference Between Par & R Type LED Light Bulbs

Over the years PAR and R type LED bulbs have become the go-to option because of their long lasting durability and energy efficiency. But with many PAR and R LED manufacturers in the market it can be challenging choosing the right bulb for your application. Whether your looking to upgrade indoor or outdoor lighting, knowing the differences between PAR and R types can help you … Read More

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Brighten up Your Home Office to Boost Productivity

Anyone who works at home knows that it has its pros and cons. While it is nice to avoid the commute and work in the comfort of your own home, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of productivity in your home that you do in an office… Read More

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Become a Morning Person with Lights

Waking up in the mornings is a task that most of us don’t even want to think about before having three cups of coffee. We wake up cranky, sleepy and annoyed… Read More

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OLEDs: An Introduction to Organic Lighting

Green home construction is on the rise. From using sustainable building materials to seeking out the latest energy-saving appliances to cut down on electricity usage, people are willing to adopt the latest green products to change their homes… Read More

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Leveraging Timers To Save You Money And Energy

Saving time and energy in the home is no small feat. There are tons of areas inside and outside the house where a person can reap in the savings while using less energy that puts a strain on our natural resources… Read More

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State and Local Power Companies Offer Rebates to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

The larger the building, the more energy it uses. Normally, you would just throw up your hands in defeat and just open up your wallet a little wider when the high energy bill comes in the mail… Read More

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