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Waking up in the mornings is a task that most of us don’t even want to think about before having three cups of coffee. We wake up cranky, sleepy and annoyed and we really don’t start our days until the clock hits noon and we’re ready for lunch. When we are required to wake up early in the morning to get the kids to school or make it to work on time, we wish there was an easier way to do it. If you’re one of the lucky ones who is an actual “early riser” – this isn’t for you. These tips are for the men and women out there who hit the snooze a few too many times.

Use Light As Your Wake Up Call

Our bodies operate on a natural sleep cycle. Our brains are wired to wake up when the light comes up at dawn and for our bodies to begin to shut down for sleep when the sun sets. Unfortunately, our biological clocks can get a bit confused because we end up staying up late at night and getting up super early in the morning before the sun rises.

To have a more natural wake up progression in the morning, you can use lighting to tell the brain that it is time to get a move on and hop out of bed. Installing LED light bulbs in your home is a great way to utilize an ideal lighting setting, as well as to save a good deal of money on your power bill. Additionally, there are several ways to get the light to be your ally. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier:

Waking Up Before Dawn

It is difficult to wake up when it is still dark outside. Yet you can still use light to ease the transition. Put timers on the lights in the room. Have one timer turn on the lights at a dim glow before it is time for you to wake up. Then have the timer turn on other lights that are just a bit brighter. As the lights in the room brighten, your mind will think it is the sun rising and brightening up the room bit by bit. You will wake up naturally and feel ready to get out of bed at the right time without the need of an alarm, although you may still want to use sound as a backup to let you know that you have to get up at that specific time.

Have Your Spouse Use Dimmer Lights

If your spouse is up before you, she (or he) can get you out of bed by using dimmer lights. With dimmers, they can slowly raise the light level in the room. Three-way dimmers and slide dimmers work well in this instance, as you can control the brightness in the room so it isn’t a shocking bright light waking you up instantly. There are also dimmer lights with sensors that will turn the light automatically when you get up and leave the room.

Getting Up At Dawn

It you have to get up with the sunlight in the mornings, you can use the sun as your alarm clock. Leave the curtains and blinds open so the light can enter your room. You can also move your bed near to a window so the light will reach your face when it grows brighter in the east.

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Light-Up Alarm Clocks Are Another Way To Naturally Wake Up

You are the type of person who simply can’t sleep with any light coming in from open curtains, or you are worried about your privacy. There is another way to wake up using light. Light-up alarm clocks may be the right solution for you, as these clocks will emit a soft glow that will get brighter as the time approaches for you to wake up. You can adjust the light intensity to suit your preferences. The clocks also have alarms or will play your favorite radio station to help you get up in a relaxed mood.

Becoming an early riser has become easier with modern light technologies. Use the best method to get up in the mornings in a great mood as you are ready to start your day. And if you need help finding the right light for your bedroom, Energy Avenue can help get you started on becoming an early riser.

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