6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Soraa

Some lighting companies are considered “high-end.” SORAA is one of them. Most everyone enjoys the natural light that nature produces over the typical artificial light that is created indoors. However, SORAA has worked with the science of lighting to bring nature’s light indoors for a unique lighting experience for companies and consumers. Here are six facts you should know about SORAA.

LED lighting has arrived, and it is a serious advancement over traditional lighting sources like incandescent light bulbs. LED lighting is not only a superior form of light, but it also saves energy and lasts longer than traditional bulbs.

One of the exciting facts about LED lighting is its latest technologies, such as warm dim. The standard LED light (cold dim) becomes cooler or bluer when it is dimmed. As a result, we are not left with a warm, cozy feeling, especially when we want to get ready for bed. Cold dim lighting has the effect of making us feel awake. When we’re ready for bed, light that makes us feel awake rather than helps us wind down is not desirable. Warm dim lighting, on the other hand, helps us feel relaxed and less stressed, and it is the perfect lighting to prepare those retiring for the night. Many homeowners can benefit from warm dim lighting. However, businesses can benefit as well.

Warm dim lighting has a positive effect on moods, such as on patrons dining in restaurants. The candlelight on your table makes you want to settle in and really enjoy the evening and your food. With warm dim lighting, you not only feel cozy, but this form of light can also make you feel more attractive, not only in restaurants but in places such as nightclubs or when looking yourself over in a bathroom mirror. This unique style of illumination can hide what you may perceive as flaws. Businesses will want to incorporate warm dim lighting in hospitality, retail, health care, and other environments to not only make customers feel comfortable but to also draw them back to the location.

In the 21st century, concern for protecting the environment is at an all-time high. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are not energy-efficient and are therefore not suitable for the environment. As a result, governments across the globe, including the United States, are phasing out or banning these bulbs. The U.S. federal government has mandated that by 2020, light bulbs must be three times more efficient. Traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs are unable to meet that mandate. California, for example, has already banned the sale of incandescent and halogen bulbs, and other states will follow suit. Of course, LED lighting has transformed and greatly improved over the years. There was a time when LED lighting had a sticker price unaffordable for many consumers and businesses.

Today, the price has come down considerably. In addition, LED lighting lasts far longer than traditional light sources at anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 hours. With an incandescent bulb, for instance, you can only get approximately 1,200 hours of usage. Some other early complaints about the first LED sources were regarding the brightness and coldness of the lighting. With today’s warm dim lighting, though, that issue has been resolved. Another initial complaint was the shape of LED bulbs, but in today’s market, you can get these bulbs in everything from traditional shapes to Christmas lighting. Also, early LED lighting was not dimmable. That is not the case today. Superior lighting by SORAA delivers top-notch LED sources that eliminate all of the issues of the early days of LED. SORAA 08732 has a futuristic design, is dimmable up to 20%, and lasts for 35,000 hours. SORAA 08744 replaces the 65-watt halogen for indoor use with controlled lighting without flickering. Other SORAA alternatives include the SORAA 08756 and the SORAA 08758. Moving from traditional sources of lighting to LED lighting is a transition that is mandated as well as worth it for your bottom line. You’ll not only contribute to protecting the environment by going green, but you’ll also reduce your monthly energy bills. This transition is made easy with professional help such as what we provide at Energy Avenue.

Thankfully, an alternative lighting source has been invented that is kind to the environment. Light-emitting diode (LED) sources are up to 80% more energy-efficient than traditional lighting sources. The SORAA 08768 and the SORAA 08766 are examples of high dim LED lighting that lasts from 25,000 to 35,000 hours.

When a consumer or business uses LED as opposed to incandescent or halogen sources, 95% of the energy is converted to light with only 5% wasted as heat. When less energy is issued, power plant uses are decreased as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

LED lighting also contains nothing toxic, unlike fluorescent strip lights that many offices have used in the past. In short, LED lighting is the energy-efficient alternative that is better for the environment, uses less energy, has a 15- to 20-year life expectancy, and saves consumers and businesses money.

Additional Facts About LED Lighting Contractors Should Know

An electrical current moves through a microchip that produces the light source known as LED. You’ll notice that the heat production with LED is extremely low. That’s because the heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink, which is a device that soaks up excessive heat. However, the heat sink must be the proper size to function correctly. All lighting sources by SORAA are expertly created with the proper heat sink.

This is a kind of source that does not burn out like traditional light sources. Instead, over time, the brightness of an LED source will gradually dim out.

One of the unique facts about LED is that it can be produced to resemble traditional light bulbs or created to be incorporated into particular custom designs. Therefore, designers have an extensive range of options when it comes to ideas and home decoration.

Another consideration that contractors will deal with and that consumers and businesses will demand is a reduction or elimination in flickering. Flickering is a pretty typical problem with conventional lighting. Not only is it an annoyance, but it can also cause physical issues with the human body, such as migraines and eye irritation. Fluorescent lighting, for example, is known to produce flickering problems. Top-quality LED lighting, such as that offered by SORAA, is flicker-free. One example is the SORAA 08738 that provides soft white light and dimming, all while being flicker-free. Other examples include the SORAA 08740, the SORAA 08746, the SORAA 08748, and the SORAA 08754.

More Examples of SORAA Quality LED Lighting

We at Energy Avenue like to work with SORAA lighting because of its high performance and quality and because the brand offers such a wide selection of alternatives. For high dim lighting in particular, SORAA has many more examples of the kind of quality lighting that those seeking superior alternatives desire. What are some more examples of SORAA alternatives?

If you own a business, it deserves the best LED lighting around. If you’re a homeowner, replacing your traditional lights with LED will not only save you money but also create an ambiance unmatched by traditional sources. Electrical contractors are a particular focus for us; here at Energy Avenue, we put profits back in the pockets of electrical contractors. We are a full-line lighting and electrical distributor serving electrical contractors, casinos, industrial locations, multifamily properties, and more. We are eager to provide you with the professional service and products for all your LED lighting needs.

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