The Best Office Lighting Solutions for the Price

The Best Office Lighting Solutions for the Price

Office lighting is critical.

Choosing the right temperature for your employees can have a profound effect on both their productivity and their health. An article from Work Design Magazine highlights this principle perfectly. In the article, writer Robert Soler highlighted a study out of Amsterdam that tracked the effect lighting had on office workers.

“Outside of task performance, a majority of respondents also felt happier and more energized when working under the right lighting,” Soler wrote. “Factoring circadian rhythm into lighting development and design can significantly change the quality of work we produce, our moods in the office and our overall health and well-being.”

With this knowledge, you can make a case to your clients why lighting is a critical part of the client’s company’s success. But, as we all know, even the best argument for top-notch lighting can fall short if the client simply doesn’t have the money for the top-flight performance.

However, we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get a better price. So, we’ve created a list of four of the best office lighting solutions for the price. None of the lighting options in this list cost more than $60.

TCP 2X4 LED Selectable Troffer

TCP is one of our favorite brands because they tend to cram multiple excellent features into their lighting products while keeping their price competitive. A good example of this is their 46W 2×4 LED Flat Panel Selectable.

The price per unit is competitive: $60. At the same time, you’re getting an office-specific light with the key feature of selectable color temperature. You can choose between 3,5000, 4,100 and 5,000K. This is important because 5,000K will give you the daylight white color you’re looking for if you don’t have any (or very little) natural light in your spaces.

Also, the light puts out more than 100 lumens per watt, making it a good choice if you’re trying to conform to California lighting laws. But it also means that your client is maximizing what they pay for lighting.

Another advantage is that TCP has chosen a lightweight, low-profile design that makes installs incredibly easy.

RAB T34 2×4 LED Flat Panel

This flat panel from RAB is an excellent value because the price tag is below $60 but you still get the quality that comes with the RAB name. This fixture doesn’t have all the frills of the TCP troffer we mentioned, but it does have all the basics that you’re looking for:

  • Crisp, clear 4000K lighting
  • 50,000 life hours
  • Dimmable to 10%p
  • 5-year warranty

So, while this particular RAB light doesn’t offer anything mind-blowing, it gives you what your clients usually value most: quality at a competitive price. But there’s another built-in set of advantages for buying RAB products.

First, RAB doesn’t charge us freight costs and there are no minimums, so we pass those savings on to you, resulting in lower prices for excellent products. Second, RAB purchases are no-risk. If you purchase this RAB Flat Panel and you get it out in the field and it doesn’t work, we take it back, no-questions-asked.

Green Creative 16340 LED Aspire Track Lighting

Green Creative is one of those names that isn’t quite well-known as RAB and Sylvania, but it’s a brand that we love.

The company’s Aspire Series 16340 LED track light is an example of why we love them. The fixture is economical—you won’t pay more than $32 for one light. Second, the power it draws (8.8W) is nearly 90% more efficient than the halogen light it’s intended to replace.

And one of the features you’ll probably overlook is also one of its best: the Green Creative MirOptic lens. The lens has multiple integrated reflectors to create a low-glare, soft light that provides excellent luminance and an even beam pattern.

MaxLite 2×2 LED Lensed Retrofit

MaxLite is up there with RAB when it comes to a combination of quality and longevity. Because of that, it’s one of the most popular brands on our site. And while many of their fixtures are bulbs are priced on the high end, this lensed 2×2 lensed retrofit kit comes in just under $55.

What makes this particular product stand out is its rated life hours. Whereas the other products on this list max out at 50,000 hours, this MaxLite 2×2 is rated for 103,000 hours. That’s an incredible level of longevity for such an affordable fixture.

Another huge benefit to this well-priced flat panel is that you can perform the retrofit in about 10 minutes, which means you’re maximizing your time in the field.

In our experience, products that are easy to install and last a long time are a favorite among our contractors. This MaxLite product fits the bill, which is why we believe it belongs in this list.

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