How To Convert 480V to 277V With One Easy Fix


Turning 480V to 277V With the GE 74119 Magnetic Core and Coil Ballast

GE’s 74119 Magnetic Core and Coil Ballast provides a level of versatility and cost-savings that make it an excellent choice.

This magnetic core and coil ballast plays a key role in your conversion of 480V light poles into 277V, saving you the time and headaches you’d deal with trying to find the 480V LED light fixture.

It comes in a T8 shape and has two max power outputs: 250W and 375W. It’s most popular applications include industrial, warehousing and manufacturing.

In this post, we’ll address the 480V problem, talk about how the GE ballast solves that problem and we’ll highlight some of the ballast’s other features and benefits.

The 480V Problem

If you’ve been on a job where you have to find a 480V LED fixture, you know how difficult it is to get what you need. 480V LED lighting options are limited.

Furthermore, 480V causes all kinds of issues because it’s often running on the same circuit as machine motors, arc welders and other high-powered devices that require a big draw.

As a result, any random machine start or switch can result in a busted ballast.

The final problem 480V installations present are that one of the more popular installations, Delta, is also notoriously unreliable.

How the GE Ballast Solves the 480V Problem

GE designed their autotransformer to give you a simple solution for all the issues you face with 480V circuits.

First, the install instructions for converting Wye 480V and grounded Delta power are simple and straightforward. You shouldn’t run into any issues as long as you double-check:

  • The fixture system watts
  • The right part number (74119 for system watts less than 250VA and 74120 for less than 375VA)
  • Power supply watts

From there, you’ll want to follow GE’s recommendations for connecting your ballast to the existing wire transformer:

  • Wye 480V: Connect any two phase wires to transformer input
  • Delta 480V: Connect to ground-referenced legs only
  • Autotransformer output wiring: Black lead to ballast white common lead, blue lead to ballast black lead

As a side note, these ballasts are not compatible with ungrounded wire transformers.

Other Benefits and Features

GE makes their ballast installs simple and, in doing so, you can search Energy Avenue for 277V and 200V LED lights. You no longer have to deal with limited 480V selection.

In addition to adding a much bigger fixture selection, GE’s autotransformer gives you several other notable benefits.

Mitigates transients

The first issue it solves are those transients you tend to experience on 480V circuits. The ballast can absorb those transients before they cause any damage to any other ballasts.

Energy savings

When you retrofit metal halide 480V’s, you can save yourself up to 50% in energy savings if you use a high-performance fluorescent or eHID light.

Up-front cost savings

One of the main differences between 480V fixtures and 277V fixtures is the price. For example, a 480V LED wall pack from Rab will cost you at least $270. The same Rab wall packs at 277V will cost at least $140.

Simply implementing ballasts that cost less than $18 will end up saving you hundreds because of the significant difference in cost.

No continuous UL updates

These ballasts are UL listed, so you don’t have to worry about constant fixture UL file updates.

Ballast Warranty

Each GE ballast autotransformer comes with a five-year limited warranty, as well as a five-year system limited warranty.

Keep in mind that GE limits these warranties to manufacturer defects. Also, the five-year warranty is void once the transformer has put in 22,000 hours of operation.

The Bottom Line About the GE 74119 Magnetic Core and Coil Ballast

We see this ballast as a top-tier choice from a reliable manufacturer. The benefits of this product are numerous:

  • You can avoid ballast failure from transients
  • Converting light poles down to 277V opens up dozens of LED lighting options
  • You save money buying 277V fixtures instead of 480V
  • Installation is simple

Cost savings. Reduced ballast failures. More lighting options. All of these factors are what make this ballast a pivotal choice for your next job.

If you’ve got any additional questions about these ballasts, talk with a member of our support team. You can contact them using the LiveChat box in the bottom right of your screen. Or, you can call us at (888)404-2908.

If you’re ready to buy, you can go to the ballast’s purchase page to complete your order. One ballast is $17.95 and a case of six is $107.70. Contact us directly if you’re looking for a big order or you want to inquire about contractor pricing.

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