Everything You Need To Know About LED Lighting


Lighting has evolved many times over throughout the technological progress and evolution of human kind. From early humanity with the advent of lantern lighting, to today with various lighting such as incandescent, fluorescent and LED. Over the past 10 years LEDs have exploded in popularity due to their low energy consumption, low purchase price, flexibility and safety. To support our clients here at Energy Avenue, we’ve decided to put together an article that looks to answer some of the common questions around LED lighting.

What Is LED Lighting?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. These diodes are designed to emit light through the current passing between an anode and a cathode. Coincidentally the light emitted from the LED corresponds to the energy of the photos that pass through the diode circuit. So, when you see various colored LEDs, remember that it’s the energy of the photons passing through that LED diode that dictate the color!

Are LEDs Safe?

When considering the safety of an LED light respective to other lighting sources like incandescent, it comes down to how these various lighting sources are constructed. Lighting sources like incandescent and fluorescent emit light while heating the filament and lighting components. Since these filaments are heating up and emitting the light, you are unintentionally increasing the risk associated with fire. In stark contract LED lighting does not heat up when you are using LEDs! This is due to how LEDs are constructed. LEDs actually oscillate a flickering light at an extremely high speed that can’t be seen by the naked eye. This design allows the LED lighting source not to heat up in the process of emitting light.

Can LEDs Really Save Money Over Traditional Lighting Sources?

This really comes down to the application. Consider a light that isn’t used often. In this scenario the up front cost of the LED may outweigh the price of the incandescent bulb. Reason being here is incandescent bulbs have a much lower purchase price but have a higher energy consumption in the long run. So really when looking at the cost saving properties of LEDs over incandescent it all comes down to how frequently you will be using that light.

Next Steps

So, if you are in the process of adding lighting to a new or on-going project, considering LEDs over the traditional lighting source might be the go-to solution. We here at Energy Avenue have over 30 years of experience in business-to-business electrical and lighting supplies We stand by offering the LED lights and LED fixtures at the lowest prices. If you’d like to learn more about our LED lighting offering here at Energy Avenue, be sure to check out our massive inventory of LED lighting here. With over 50,000 sq ft in our warehouse, we are sure to have the lighting solution you need for your next big project!

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