The Five Best Wall Packs on the Market

Finding the right wall pack requires an understanding of what you’re getting for the dollars you’re spending.

In many cases, you may default to a favorite brand or style. However, there are enough advances happening with Lithonia, RAB Lighting, Sylvania and MaxLite to warrant a fresh look at the top wall packs on the market right now.

Our five best wall packs are a mix of new products and technology that’s been on the market for some time. You’ll notice nuanced differences in their life hours, built-in photocells and pricing.

Among the most interesting options is the new ALO wall pack from Lithonia. This light allows you to adjust the input wattage from 9W to 5W with a simple turn of a dial.

Lithonia Lighting

ALO Wall Pack

RAB Lighting


Sylvania 74380 MaxLite 100211 MaxLite 95313
Price $98.75 $106.25 $191.59 $150.25 $228
Dimensions 12.95”x9” 14”x4.75” 8”x7.5” 10.5”x9.7”x4.6” 16.70”x8.07”x13.7”
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years
Life hours 100,000 hours 50,000 hours 125,000 hours 100,000 hours 145,000 hours
Watts 9 to 51 50 60 50 53
Voltage 120V-277V 120-277V 120-277V 120-277V 120-277V
Lumens 1,100 to 6,200 5,375 7,000 5,000 6,120
Color temperature 4,000K 5,000K 4,000K 5,000K 5,000K


Lithonia Lighting ALO Wall Pack

Lithonia’s adjustable light output wall pack is a new addition to their line on Energy Avenue. The ALO feature is easy to access—it’s located inside the light’s housing.

You’ll find an adjustable knob with eight wattage settings ranging from 9W to 51W:

  • Level 1: 9W, 1,100 lumens
  • Level 2: 14W, 1,700 lumens
  • Level 3: 18W, 2,200 lumens
  • Level 4: 24W, 3,000 lumens
  • Level 5: 29W, 3,5000 lumens
  • Level 6: 34W, 4,1000 lumens
  • Level 7: 41W, 5,000 lumens
  • Level 8: 51W, 6,200 lumens

The range of wattage and lumens you get can replace metal halide lights ranging from 70W to 250W.

This wall pack gives you an excellent range of options for outdoor and indoor use. In addition to the flexibility the ALO option gives you, Lithonia prices the wall pack at right around $100, making it an affordable choice and an intriguing one.

Also, this wall pack qualifies for Design Lights Consortium (DLC) rebates.

RAB Lighting W34-55L

This W34 wall pack from RAB is a part of a new line of ultra-economy LED lights ranging in wattage from 33W to 136W. These lights are sleeker than RAB’s older HID lights. You can choose to add a photocell button or microwave occupancy sensor accessories if you want light and motion sensing.

The RAB W34’s give you the ability to dim them down to 10% of their brightness. Also, you can integrate them with RAB’s Lightcloud smart control system, which is a great benefit if you already have RAB’s wireless system set up.

Some of the differentiating factors between this wall pack and the Lithonia include size—it’s slightly wider—and price.

The RAB light is around $8 more than the Lithonia option. While they cost more, RAB’s W34 lights are eligible for DLC rebates, too.

RAB is one of our most popular wall pack options, both for their quality and their reasonable pricing.

Sylvania 73480

If you’re looking for a light with more style than the lens-dominated options from Lithonia and RAB, the Sylvania 73480 slim wall pack is an excellent option, albeit a pricey one.

At around $191 per light, it’s the most expensive choice among the top five wall packs. However, it does include several features that set it apart from competing lights.

First, the wall pack’s housing dominates its appearance. Whereas the Lithonia and RAB lights devote much of their surface area to lenses, the Sylvania is all housing with a directional glass lens. The advantage of this limitation is that you can position the housing in any direction you want, thereby pointing the light wherever you want.

You also have the option of adding a photocell and pairing the light with mounting accessories that turn the wall pack into a floodlight.

Like the RAB light, you can mitigate some of the cost through DLC rebates.

MaxLite 75748

This Maxlite wall pack gives you a nuance that you don’t get with the other top lights in this comparison: adjustable direction. Whereas the Sylvania light’s direction is limited to how you mount it, the MaxLite 75748 can pivot up to 90 degrees from its base.

Another distinction the light offers is a built-in photocell that comes standard. These two factors give you a distinct advantage in energy savings and directional capabilities.

Aside from this, the wall pack matches the competing products metric for metric.

MaxLite 95313*

The final top wall pack on our list is the MaxLite 95313, a fixed LED light in their WPCL line. We selected this for the list because it’s a long-lasting light (145,000 hours) that meets California Title 24 regulations, is DLC-compliant and UL listed.

At 53W, it’s able to generate enough initial lumens per watt as the Sylvania, which generates 7,000 lumens at 60W.

Also, the wall pack contains a 120V photocontrol

The only potential drawback is its size and price. It’s more than a foot long and a foot tall, and it costs $228, making it the most expensive wall pack on our list. However, the light’s life hours and its lumens could be worth the higher up-front costs.

*This product is discontinued. There are limited quantities remaining.

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