How to Get Past CA Energy Efficiency Codes

Wattstopper’s Quality and Expertise Keeps You Current on Performance and Regulations

Wattstopper is among the best brands we sell on

From voltage power packs to sensors, switches and power packs, Wattstopper’s craftsmanship and technology are second to none. In addition to the quality of their products, they place a distinct emphasis on energy savings.

In this post about the Wattstopper products we sell, we’ll help you understand why they’re a top-tier brand and why they’re the right fit for energy-conscious contractors, especially those who work in California.

You can use our post to get clarity on Wattstopper’s products, as well as see why they should be a go-to brand if you primarily work in California.

Wattstopper’s Digital Lighting Management Tech

Installing lighting is a tricky endeavor. If you take it at face value, it may not seem all that complex. However, we live in a world where states are passing energy bills that call for carbon-neutral emissions in the next 25 to 30 years.

Technology you install today isn’t necessarily going to be the technology that’s state-compliant tomorrow.

Wattstopper meets this challenge head-on by designing sensors and other lighting technology with what they call, “digital lighting management,” or “DLM”.

What you buy today is meant to evolve and change with more stringent local-, state- and federal-level modifications to emissions and power.

For example, Wattstopper offers smart devices as well as advanced software to reduce energy consumption to the lowest possible levels.

Also, they launch new products that allow you to scale easily while maintaining net-zero standards.

Here’s how Legrand, the parent company, describes the purpose of the Wattstopper line of products:

“Evolving energy codes, transformative lighting technology, and high-performance buildings require powerful and robust energy savings solutions. The adaptable DLM technology platform and suite of lighting control services provide control infrastructure at every switch, outlet, and lighting load for optimal energy performance.”


California Dreaming: Wattstopper Goes Hand-in-Hand With Title 24

In 2019, California lawmakers passed what’s known as “Title 24”, which is a series of codes of energy efficiency for buildings.

The purpose of Title 24 is to cut down on energy waste. Every three years, the California Energy Commission updates the codes in Title 24, ensuring buildings are up-to-date.

This constant cycle of change can be frustrating and, if you’re not on top  of it, can lead to code violations and all the subsequent headaches.

For example, 2019 changes exempted healthcare facilities from most Title 24 regulations, but not all. These facilities still have to follow state regulations for daylighting and area control.

Legrand understands the frustrations that result from shifting regulations. So, they publish and distribute easy-to-understand guides with each new Title 24 update. Here’s a screenshot from their 2019 guide:

This type of up-to-date, clear information is key to helping your business run smoothly. It equips you to make smart buying decisions about products you need to install. There’s no sense in buying something today that will be outdated in three years.

Wattstopper’s focus on giving you products that can adapt and scale, and giving you information on what devices work for Title 24 is an invaluable asset.

When you buy Wattstopper, you’re buying top-quality products and a wealth of expertise that help you navigate the regulatory future.

Wattstopper Products on Energy Avenue

We sell the following types of lighting products from Wattstopper:

  • Universal voltage power packs (minimum of 4)
  • Occupancy sensors (minimum of 2)
  • PIR sensors
  • Wall switch occupancy sensors
  • Ceiling sensors
  • Emergency lighting control units (minimum of 2)
  • Occupancy sensor kits
  • Outdoor motion sensors
  • Lighting control panels
  • Dimming photosensors
  • PIR wall switch sensors

All of the Wattstopper products we sell are UL listed. Most of them work with 120/277V voltage but there are several low-voltage 24 VDC or VAC options, too.

One of the products in their line that represents the flexibility and compliance we’ve discussed is their Passive Infrared line voltage ceiling sensor (CI-355-1).

The sensor works with a wide range of voltages (120/230/277/347 VAC, 50/60 Hz). Terminal wiring makes it easy to install and it doesn’t require a power pack.

But, more importantly, the sensor uses Wattstopper’s SmartSet technology. SmartSet is completely automated. It learns the usage patterns in the room and adjusts its delay times based on occupancy and vacancy patterns.

The Bottom Line About Wattstopper Products

We believe there are few lighting brands that offer the level of quality and expertise that Wattstopper does.

Their products are an excellent fit if you’re looking to buy the best, but also if you want to use lighting technology that can pivot when energy guidelines change. Wattstopper makes sure you know how energy regulations affect product choices.

They’ll tell you why some sensors, for example, might be good enough for a medical facility but not for a school or office building. In short, they offer excellent products now and guidance in the future.

Head to EnergyAvenue’s Wattstopper page to check out what we offer today. If you have any questions about any of the Wattstopper products, reach out to us via live chat, email or phone. Our sales team is ready to answer your questions and give you guidance.

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