GET SMART FAST! Everything you wanted to know about LUTRON’S Wireless Smart Home Controls

Easy Way to Install Smart Home Control Systems

Where do you start to make your house a Smart Home? Right here! Many homeowners become frustrated or find it daunting when they start their Smart Home Lighting Project. There’s no need to be- we’ll show you how to instantly change your home in just a matter of hours. Save yourself money, time, and emotional energy by choosing Lutron from the get-go.  Lutron is one of the leading brands in lighting control. Known for products that are easy to install, Lutron makes energy-efficient dimmers and innovative lighting control solutions. We happen to stock all of these cutting-edge controls. We’re a platinum distributor and we have the best prices in the game.

This article highlights some of their best products and simplifies the installation process from beginning to end. We’ll also take you through the ability this series has to be controlled via a smart home app. No need to walk downstairs anymore to turn off the kitchen lights, just click on your app and kill those lights.

We happen to stock all of these cutting edge controls. We’re a platinum Lutron Distributor, our product stock and pricing is the best in the game. We guarantee you will receive your supplies on time, every time you order them. Let’s get to the products!

Get Sophisticated Wireless Dimmers

Lutron is best known for their wireless dimmers. Why? They have a variety of styles, colors, and capabilities. If you happen to want a standard dimmer, Lutron still provides great options.

The Lutron Plug-In Dimmer conveniently plugs in to standard outlets and can handle 100 watts of dimmable LED or dimmable CFLs. Do you have incandescent or halogen lighting? Expect this dimmer to handle up to 300 watts.

You can operate up to two lamps with the Lutron Plug-In Dimmer. Do you want to control lamps remotely? This plug-in dimmer is compatible with the Pico remote.
Amazing choices in Lutron wireless in-wall dimmers include:

Wireless In-Wall Dimmer

Are you concerned about causing damage to your apartment? You can install the Wireless In-Wall Dimmer over an existing switch. This way, you do not need to worry about cutting holes in the walls. Like the plug-in dimmer, it can be adjusted remotely with the Pico remote.

We love this product’s flexibility because it can be used for dimmable LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen bulbs and it takes literally 10-15 minutes to connect this to your phone and Pico remote.

Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch

Caseta is versatile. The fact that the Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch does not require a neutral wire enables you to use it in new or old houses. It can cover 2,500 square feet and does not need special light bulbs.

If you want to replace switches, this dimmer switch can be installed within 15 minutes. It controls up to 17 light bulbs and works with your voice or a smartphone application.

Installing a wireless Caseta dimmer can be completed in seven simple steps. First, you need to turn off the home’s power at the circuit breaker to prevent electric shock. The only tools you’ll need are pliers, a flat-head, and a Phillips-head screwdriver. Additional gadgets are included when you purchase the dimmer.

With the power off at the circuit breaker, you can now remove the existing switch. If you need to remove the side sections of the dimmer, this can easily be done by bending them back and forth with pliers.

Removing the side sections decreases the wattage rating of the dimmer, so assess whether it is truly necessary. Also, know exactly how many watts it will lose in the process in order to have a successful installation. For incandescent and halogen lights, the dimmer loses 100 watts for each section removed. LED and CFL lights don’t experience a loss.

With a wire connector, which is included with your dimmer purchase, connect the ground wire from the wall to the dimmer’s green wire. Then, connect the remaining wires with the wire connectors. The only steps left are to screw on the mount and attach the wall plate. Turn on the electricity at the circuit breaker and test the dimmer to make sure it is working correctly.

Maestro Magnetic Low Voltage Smart Dimmer

Do you have high capability needs? Consider the Maestro Magnetic Low Voltage Smart Dimmer. It can handle up to 1,000 watts either in a single or multiple-use application. Homeowners can program the smart dimmer to their desired lighting level at the touch of a button, or they can fade-to-off.

Maestro Dimmer

Compatible with the Radio Power Saver sensors, the Maestro Dimmer can help homeowners save on energy bills if they have sensors installed with the dimmer. You can install this dimmer with up to 10 switches, wireless controls, and sensors to enjoy great flexibility in setting your smart home control system.

Why Use Dimmer Kits?

Lutron dimmer kits provide the ultimate in convenience if you would rather not buy remotes and other accessories separately. Some of their dimmer kits that are easy to install include the:

A great deal, the Caseta Wireless 2 Dimmer Kit comes with two in-wall dimmers, two wall plates, two Pico remotes, two tabletop pedestals, and one smart bridge all at one low price. You can get a remarkable return on your investment by installing this kit for homeowners. The kit comes in a 300-watt and a 600-watt version. There isn’t a big difference in price, so we recommend the 600-watt kit.

You will be able to control your lights, shades, and thermostat anywhere inside the house with this wireless dimmer kit. It is compatible with three common thermostats: the Honeywell Wi-Fi, the Lutron-Honeywell wireless, and the Nest Learning thermostats.

The Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit is similar but comes with one in-wall dimmer, one wall plate and one Pico remote instead of two. A smart bridge is also included, just like the Caseta Wireless 2 Dimmer Kit.


Just like you need a modem to power the various wireless devices in your home, you need a Lutron Bridge to power your Caseta dimmers. A bridge is a small white box that easily hooks to your modem’s phone jack. We recommend the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro2 because it is reliable and incredibly easy to set up and enables you to connect as many as 50 devices.

Homeowners can control lights and shades from their smartphones and tablets with this bridge. The Smart Bridge Pro2 is also compatible with several leading security systems and audiovisual remote controls. Scene control and scheduling events are other helpful features in the app.

You can have your lights turn off and shades automatically shut when you leave the home and activate your security system. When you return home and disarm your security system, the lights will turn back on, and the shades will open on their own. This feature is convenient and improves the safety of the home.

Another selling feature of the Smart Bridge Pro2 is its Apple HomeKit compatibility. Homeowners can turn off all lights in the house as they lie down in bed with a simple command to Siri.

The Lutron app works on Apple Watch, so homeowners can signal the shades to open from their smartwatch while cooking or dim the lights in the living room while watching a movie.


We have a low-cost Lutron remote available called the Pico Remote Control PJ2 model. It has an impressive 10-year battery life. This Pico Remote Control is compatible with the wireless dimmers we highlighted above.

Homeowners have a comfortable 30-foot range and a Favorite button with this remote control. It can turn the lights on and off as well as brighten and dim them.

If you need a remote that can adjust the blinds and curtains in addition to the lights, choose the PJN model of the Pico Remote Control. This remote has the same range as the PJ2 Pico model.

Remote Wall Mount and Control Pedestal

Do you feel like you absolutely have to keep your home organized? Then you’ll love Lutron’s remote wall mount and control pedestal. These two products are sold separately, so put thought into whether you want a wall mount, tabletop control pedestal, or both.

The wall mount costs a bit less than the control pedestal. The wall mount will need a separate wall plate to be installed. Remote wall mounts are suitable for adding another point of control in the home.

The Lutron control pedestal has a non-skid feature to prevent smudges on the table, which is an important factor for many homeowners. The pedestal is also a convenient way for you to keep all of your smart home control remotes in one accessible place.

To install the remote wall mount, you need to mark the wall where you plan on installing it, attach the remote to the wall plate bracket, and mount the wall plate bracket to the wall. It really is this easy to install these stylish wall mounts. They have a sleek design that many homeowners love.

The tools you’ll need to install the remote wall mount are a drill with a 3/16ths or 5-millimeter bit, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and a pencil. Everything else required to do the job comes ready with the remote wall mount.

Control Your Ceiling Fans Remotely

If homeowners want to control fan speed from their smart home control system, we recommend the Lutron Smart Fan Speed Control. It can control a single ceiling fan at four different speeds. With the Favorite button, you can preset your go-to fan speed.

The Smart Fan Speed Control is compatible with the Pico Remote Control, and it only takes three steps to install this product. Lutron makes their instructions easy to understand and follow. Most homeowners would be able to do this themselves, so you won’t have any trouble installing these smart home control products in your space.

Automate Your Smart Control System With Sensors

Have you ever been reminded to turn the light off before leaving a room? Are you on the other side of the fence, and you’re the one needing to remind others? If you can relate to these situations, sensors will solve this problem for you.

Environmentally conscious homeowners love having sensors installed in their homes to automatically turn lights off when no one is in the room. Sensors also appeal to homeowners who prioritize convenience in their lives. Not having to flip a light switch on and off makes their lives easier.

The Lutron Wireless Wall-Mount Sensor is a passive infrared sensor that detects body heat to determine when people are inside the room. It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s an affordable technology.

Because this wall-mount sensor is battery-operated, you can install it almost anywhere inside the home. It’s also effortless to install as no wiring is involved. The Lutron Wireless Wall-Mount Sensor has a long battery life of 10 years and a warranty of five years. This sensor also has timeout options of one, five, 15, and 30 minutes. The default timeout is 15 minutes.

If you need extended coverage in a home, you can install more than one of these sensors. The sensors use Lutron Clear Connect RF technology for reliable wireless communication.

We strongly recommend these seven types of products for enjoying quality smart home control. The Lutron smart home control product line is a reliable and high-quality choice. Lutron is a trusted brand in this industry. We’ve tested the products ourselves, and we can say they are really that good!

Contact us at (800) 482-0303 for more information. We can help put together your project for you!

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