The Newest Emergency Lighting Solutions

Newest Emergency Lighting Solutions: The Latest Products on

The last thing a business or property wants is to have to use their emergency lights.

But if they do, they want to know the fixtures they have in place are going to activate and keep exits and hallways lit well so an escape, when needed, is as simple as possible.

As a contractor or building owner, there’s a good chance you’ve made your lighting decisions based on budget or quality. However, taking that approach can get you stuck in a rut with one brand. Granted, there are some incredibly reliable companies making emergency lights.

However, it always helps to know what’s new and what these novel options can offer that you may not have considered in the past. In this post, we’ll cover a couple of emergency lighting solutions (fixtures and T-grids) we think can meet your needs and the needs of your clients.

MaxLite Indoor 0.6 W LED 2-Head Emergency Light (EML)

This two-head MaxLite LED emergency light is the newest product we offer in its category. As a MaxLite product, you’re guaranteed a quality build as well as a solid five-year warranty.

Its design is basic but what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in features. The fixture is rated for dry, damp and wet locations; and you can install it indoors and outdoors. In that sense, this new product has all the versatility you’d need. Keeping a dozen of these on hand will bail you out of a lot of different situations.

Aside from quality and versatility, this emergency fixture has a thermoplastic housing and is flame-rated (UL94 V-O). The fixture provides 90 minutes of lighting after an outage via a nickel-cadmium battery.

MaxLite Indoor 1W 1-Head LED Emergency Light (ERI-SW)

This fixture is in the same family as the other MaxLite on this list. What we like about this light is that it’s a single-bulb fixture with a compact design, which is perfect for its intended use as an indoor emergency light.

Like its two-head counterpart, this light has a thermoplastic housing and is flame-rated. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a compact emergency-lighting solution for indoor hallways and exits.

Beghelli 17W Outdoor LED Emergency Light

What makes this light from Italian manufacturer Beghelli so valuable is its power. Whereas the MaxLite fixtures on this list have a combined wattage of 1.6 watts, the Beghelli fixture puts out 17 watts. As one of the newest emergency lights on our site, it deserves a spot on this list not only for its power but for the other features and benefits it provides.

First, this light can last at least 90 minutes when the power goes out. Unlike the other two fixtures on this list, though, this emergency light uses a nickel metal hydride battery. Ni-MH batteries a higher capacity, which makes it possible for the fixture to draw 17 watts of power to provide 1,300 lumens when things go dark. Also, Ni-MH batteries have fewer memory issues, which means you can count on a consistent charge when it’s time for the light to activate.

Keep in mind, however, that Beghelli’s warranty is three years, whereas MaxLite offers five-year warranties on many of its emergency lights.

Fulham 10.7W HotSpot Exit Light T-Grid (5000K)

Another of our newer emergency lighting products is Fulham’s UL-listed HotSpot 10.7W T-grid exit light. Whereas the other lights on this list are going to illuminate exits, Fulham’s T-grid light directs your tenants and employees down hallways toward the exits.

As such, these lights play a crucial role in the safety of your team during an emergency. They provide bright white illumination to the tune of 5000K, drawing 10.7 watts of power to provide 1,300 lumens at 80 CRI.

Because these lights are designed for T-grid ceilings, they’re indoor-only. However, they’re rated for dry and damp locations.

One of this light’s strengths is longevity: It’s rated for at least 60,000 hours and has a five-year warranty. Another thing we like about this Fulham offering is that it has an integrated test switch.

Note: When you go to our site, you’ll be able to choose between 1,300 lumens and 2,200 lumens (17W).

Next Steps: How to Pick the Right Emergency Light

As with most lighting products, there are hundreds of emergency lights to choose from. One of the best ways to narrow your choice down is to head to a reliable distributor whose website displays their bestselling products—that’s what you’ll find on We provide a list of what we consider the best emergency light fixtures and accessories.

Second, you want the ability to talk with an expert who can make recommendations based on your specific needs, not based on ulterior motives to sell low-performing inventory. When you contact our lighting concierge team, we’ll walk you through the emergency lights we think will best fit your next job; no pitching products you don’t need.

And, finally, even the best emergency light choices are meaningless if your distributor doesn’t have the product in stock and can’t deliver it in your time window. Our five-acre Las Vegas warehouse is full of product and we ship when we say we will, and you’ll receive your product when it’s supposed to arrive.

Give us a call at 800-482-0303 or, you can click on the headings of each product we covered to go directly to the product’s page.

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