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Emergency Lighting Essentials

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In the event of a power failure, it’s crucial for buildings and private homes alike to have an alternative source of lighting. In an emergency situation, people must be able see clearly in order to safely find their way… Read More

How To Use Accent Lighting

How To Use Accent Lighting thumbnail

Business owners understand that proper lighting is essential to the function of their business. Without proper lighting, the efficiency of their business drops. We’ve put together a list of best practices to make the most out of your accent lighting… Read More

Guide to Gas Station Lighting

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Gas station lighting involves choosing a variety of lighting solutions that make your customers feel safe and help display your products well. Learn about the best lighting options available for industrial use and how to best install these for effective and efficient lighting. Why LED? Choosing lighting solutions for your gas station, you may question why not choose old fashioned light bulbs. However, LED lights … Read More

Tips for Shadow-Free Lighting

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A big part of making an indoor area look great is making sure that people can look around the room without interference from gloomy, obstructive shadows. However, even the smallest areas can be susceptible to unwelcome shadows… Read More

How to Create Vintage-Style Lighting

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Have you ever walked into a restaurant or bar and immediately felt at home? Sometimes the right lighting can make the difference between a cold, boring space and a cozy, inviting room. Vintage lighting can help to create a unique look… Read More

4 Tips for Parking Lot Lighting

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Often when a parking lot is being constructed, one of the first thoughts is, how many vehicles can we fit? While this is important for any business, it is also important to determine the proper lighting system for the parking lot… Read More

How to Properly Dispose of Old Light Bulbs

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that consumers, especially corporate offices and industrial buildings, take advantage of local options for recycling CFLs, fluorescent bulbs, and any lighting that contains even a trace… Read More