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Best Lighting For Outdoor Pools

With Las Vegas summer temperatures as sky-high as you’re used to them being, sometimes the indoor air-conditioner just isn’t quite enough to recreate the atmosphere of the cooler seasons. If there’s one addition to your… Read More

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Unique Ways to Use Drop Lighting

Rapid advances in LED and fluorescent lighting technology have led to a surge in consumer demand. Although the traditional incandescent bulb is still competitive with these new light-producers, the steadily decreasing initial costs of LED pendant… Read More

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Just How Energy Efficient are LEDs?

LEDs are one of the most rapidly developing and energy efficient light technologies of our time. These light bulbs are designed to be much more durable, last longer, and even provide lighting better than other types of lighting. Money and Energy Saving LED Bulbs With the ability to potentially change the future of lighting, LED light bulbs last 25 times longer than traditional lighting and use … Read More

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Solid State Lighting (SSL) and How It Works

solid-state lighting technology relies on semiconductors to convert electricity into light. As a comparison between SSL and incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, SSL is more than ten times efficient as incandescent lightning and twice as efficient as fluorescent lighting. Read More

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The Show Will Go On, but Probably with Greener Alternatives

In the last few years, businesses around the world have made the switch to LED lighting as a way of saving money and the environment. Theaters and arenas are no exception, with the Stockholm Concert Hall recently upgrading to LED lighting… Read More

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Cutting Costs in Your Business with LED Lighting

As a business owner, you may find yourself looking at your monthly utility expenses and wondering if there’s any way to reduce costs. You have to keep lights on, water running, and heating/cooling in your business – so what can you do? Read More

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A Brief History of the Unofficial “City of Lights”

You have probably heard Paris commonly referred to as the “City of Lights”, for its nightlife and picturesque view. Many American cities like New York and Los Angeles also come to mind when you think of illuminated skylines… Read More

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