The Best Smart Home Systems

There’s never been an era of “dumb” homes, but one thing’s for certain: the smart home era is here.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen a tidal wave of smart home systems enter the market. Homeowners have happily jumped on the trend, experimenting with AI thermostats, smart LED bulbs and video doorbells linked to home internet connections.

The upside to smart systems is that homeowners now have no shortage of options. But, at the same time, it’s hard for the average homeowner to narrow down the top systems. Recommendations from friends can only go so far, as each home and homeowner has different needs.

So, we’ve leaned on our experience and put together a list of the top three smart home systems. Each section will explain why we chose the system.

#1 Lutron Smart Solutions

Lutron’s smart system is our favorite for the best home smart system because the designers at Lutron have created an incredible way to control lighting in the home, in addition to controlling Lutron thermostats.

You’ve got three options for lighting-only systems: Caseta, RA2 Select and RadioRA 2. The main difference between the three is their capacity:

  • Caseta: Up to 75 devices
  • RA2 Select: Up to 100 devices
  • RadioRa 2: Up to 200 devices

Each lighting system has varying levels of lighting control and panel customization: dimmer styles and wireless remotes (Caseta), Caseta options plus a keypad with presets (RA2 Select), and all the previous features plus customized keypads and compatibility with Lutron wireless shades and sensors (RadioRA 2).

You can head to our site to get an up-close look at a Caseta wall mounting kit and one of their three-button Caseta remote control switches, too.

If the homeowner wants complete control over installed lighting, ambient lighting and HVAC, the HomeWorks system is a perfect fit. This system exhibits everything we love about the Lutron smart system: versatility and reliability. You can seamlessly control Lutron blinds, lighting and your Lutron thermostat with Pico remotes.

Get a sneak peek of the wireless Pico remote control, the device you can use to control the entire HomeWorks system. What we like about this remote control is that it eliminates the need to hardwire a wall switch. Plus, the battery life on the remote is 10 years. It’s literally a one-stop solution for the next decade of a homeowner’s Lutron smart system.

Plus, Lutron Caseta and RA2 systems have Apple and Android apps you can use to control your home lighting system. One of the great features of the app is that users can one-touch preset scene lighting, which comes in handy during parties and binge-watching your favorite shows.

Here’s a recent Google Play review from a Lutron smart system user:

“Big fan I am a lighting designer. Been doing my whole life. The Caseta app is solid and easy to use. Affordable luxury. Integrates well with Google Home and in our house there are Lutron rooms and Philips Hue ones. Our master is a Lutron…My wife loves it.”

Furthermore, homeowners can integrate their Lutron RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks systems with their Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

#2 Leviton Decora Smart

Next on our list is the Leviton Decora Smart, a smart home system from one of the leading names in lighting.

The Leviton system encompasses dimmers, switches and plug-in outlets that are compatible with Apple and Android phones.

The Leviton smart line has three main products:

  • Tamper-resistant outlets equipped with Wi-Fi
  • Voice dimmer integrated with Amazon Alexa
  • 4-button WiFi controller

We like this system because of the clean designs of the controllers and voice dimmer, and because Leviton has a well-known reputation for being a solid brand.

You can get a good idea of the options you have with Leviton’s various outlets, dimmers and controllers by checking out our stock of Leviton Decora products.

#3 Phillips Smart+

Philips stands out as a lighting innovator for home systems. Many of the Phillips Smart+ bulbs we feature on our site have adjustable color spectrums that range from 2700K to 6500K.

Our collection of Philips Smart+ lighting showcases the variety that makes Philips such a popular choice for many homeowners. There are basic A19 9W LED bulbs, 2×2 32W LED flat panels and 8.5W BR30 LEDs. There are PAR38s, MR16s and 34W 2×2 LED troffers, too.

We see Sylvania giving the average homeowner enough choices to make the perfect lighting system. We also see it as a great choice for museums and other commercial applications, too.

The Philips system is a great option for Apple users, as the company really pushes its smart system’s ability to easily integrate into the Apple HomeKit. This integration allows you to control your home’s lighting and other smart systems through your laptop, tablet, phone or smartwatch.


Let Us Know What You Need

Putting together a smart home system requires an understanding of lighting, at the very least, and HVAC and blinds if you’re doing a fully integrated system. The choices and brands can be overwhelming, which is why it can help to have a professional on your side.

Our lighting concierge team can help you put together a lighting system that works best for your residential or commercial project. We can go over inventory, pricing discounts and delivery times. We’ll answer your questions and provide insight.

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