The Top 3 Linear High Bays

Put yourself in the position of a client who needs linear high bays.

You’re most likely the owner of a retail store or warehouse. You’ve got long rows of product that require overhead lights that can illuminate each aisle from the top of the shelf to the ground. And, all that shelf space in between needs to be well-lit, too. The last thing you want happening is a customer who leaves your store because shadows obscure products and provide a less-than-optimal environment for shoppers. And, as a warehouse owner, you don’t need your employees combing your inventory and pulling the wrong product because they’re having a hard time seeing what’s on the shelves.

This is where linear high bays come in. Unlike circular high bays that cast a round light pattern, linear high bays provide rectangular-shaped light patterns that fit best with the long aisles you’d find in grocery stores or warehouses.

For many years, metal halide lights dominated the linear high bay industry. In a move to be more energy-efficient, manufacturers produced T5HO fluorescent lights. Touted as the replacement for metal halide, the lights proved insufficient for the demands of cavernous spaces with floor-to-ceiling lighting demands. Thankfully, LED lighting came along and solved the problems that MH and fluorescent lights. They’re energy-efficient and they meet the needs of retailers, hospitals, schools and other clients looking for consistent brightness and longevity.

We’ve picked out three linear LED high bays we think are among the best that you can buy. Each fixture has its own unique mix of quality, longevity and efficiency.

TCP HB15000140 – 150W LED Linear High Bay – 4000K (2×1)

This high bay from TCP is one of the newest options on our site and it’s one we think deserves a spot in the top three. One of the main things we think makes this high bay a great fit is the way it creates a larger beam spread through a unique angled LED design. Your clients will get the brightness they’re looking for, along with smooth lighting.

Each fixture ships with a hardware kit that will accommodate just about any situation. The kit includes a pair of ton hangers, 5-foot jack chains and a hub mount kit for ¾” conduit or stem mounts. Also, TCP provides a variety of customizations that can help you tailor your lighting solutions:

  • Motion sensors
  • Emergency battery backups
  • Wire guards
  • Quick-snap motion sensors

ILP EDV-48L-U-50 – 327W LED Linear High Bay – 5000K (4×2)

If there was a Cadillac of linear high bays, this offering from ILP would be it. It’s the ultimate combination of longevity and performance.

First, ILP rates this fixture at 100,000 hours, which is a considerable upgrade over metal halide and fluorescent options. A high bay with this kind of longevity reduces the number of times you’ll need to send someone out to a job site for a replacement, which means reduced long-term labor costs for your business. And, because the fixture uses LED technology and is dimmable down to 10%, you’re saving your clients money on energy costs.

Like the TCP fixture, ILP offers a variety of customizations that can fit virtually any client’s needs:

  • Wire cage
  • Surface mount bracket
  • IR blaster
  • Wireless wall switch option
  • Occupancy sensor with photocell and daylight harvesting options
  • Sensors for 8-, 20- and 40-foot mounting heights

 Sylvania 60474 – 150W LED Linear High Bay – 5000K (2×2)

Our third choice for the top linear high bay on the market is this Sylvania 2×2, which is part of the company’s Ultra LED line. This high bay’s inclusion in the Ultra LED line means it gives your clients up to a 59% savings in lighting costs as compared to traditional high-intensity discharge fixtures.  Those savings are a crucial selling point, especially in the current times.

Beyond its efficiency, this high bay has a couple of other key selling points. First, its rate for 140,000 hours, which is incredible and rare among linear high bays. As mentioned earlier, a longer lifespan means fewer labor costs for you and fewer headaches for your clients.

Second, these luminaires provide two beam-spread options: wide and aisle distribution. So, this fixture is a great pitch for warehouses and retail spaces.

Also, Sylvania manufactures these LED high bay with a 4kV inherent surge protection. Per the specs, the surge protection meets UL1310 and UL48 Class 1 standards.

Installations will be easy, as this product weighs as little as 9 pounds (100W) and each fixture can ship with the following installation options:

  • Chain mount
  • Cable mount
  • Brackets for surface and pendant mounts
  • Wire guards


We’ll Help You Decide

Choosing the right linear high bay is a matter of understanding what your clients need, what they’re willing to spend and who is distributing your lighting. Regarding the latter, our five-acre warehouse is as full as ever and we continue to ship on time. Regarding the former two points, the three high bays on this list have varying features and benefits, as well as pricing that ranges from $165.60 (TCP) to $350.00 (ILP). Our lighting concierge team will help you put together a lighting system, answering your questions along the way and solving your problems.

In an ideal world, no matter what the times are like you should be able to call your distributor, make an order and receive your lighting when it’s supposed to be delivered. We may not live in ideal times, but Energy Avenue gives you the ideal scenario. We work with you to put together your order, help you with discounts, provide accurate shipping windows and deliver on time.

Give us a call at 800-482-0303, or contact us through our live chat on our website or through our Contact Us page.

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