Top 5 High Bays

Warehouses, gyms, manufacturing plants and loading docks.

In each one of these locations, you’ll find high bays lighting cavernous spaces. And because they’ve literally got a tall task, it’s important to choose reputable brands you can rely on.

We’ve created a list of five of the top high bays on the market. Each fixture or lamp includes features that we liked, and that serve specific purposes. The options we selected range from incredible aesthetics to incredible durability; from clean-cut applications to blue-collar use in mills and manufacturing plants.

Filamento UFO

Filamento’s lighting is well known in the industry for its excellent craftsmanship and this high bay is no different. What makes this light our pick for the top spot is that it provides multiple user-friendly features.

One of the stand-out perks is that the light is Bluetooth-equipped, which means you can sync up as multiple fixtures as long as they’re within a 100-foot radius. And because they’re got a Bluetooth connection, your customers can control these high bays with their phone.

Another convenient feature that makes this product so excellent is the ability to give them RF occupancy and daylight capabilities. This is an important perk for business owners who want to cut down on energy costs.

Finally, this Filamento high bay has one last trump card: it screws in and out (E39 and E39X).

Plus, the lamp has the “wow” factor. Whereas most high bay designs are strictly function-based, Filamento goes the extra mile to create a visually appealing product. Function-wise, you’ll get the same lifespan (50,000 hours) like other high bays on this list. However, the aesthetic quality this lamp provides is a great selling point.

Sylvania ValueLED UFO High bay

This high bay deserves a spot on the list for two reasons: name recognition and value. Sylvania has been in the lighting business for 100 years, going all the way back to its roots as a bulb refurbisher.

As for the second reason—price—you’ll be hard-pressed to find a high bay with the performance this one has at the price point it offers. First, Sylvania provides three different color temperatures: 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. This versatility is not something you get with the four other high bays on this list. For example, the Filamento UFO offers two temperatures.

Another strength is that the light is rated at more than 150,000 hours, which is at least three times as long as three other lamps/fixtures on this list. This is a crucial feature because high bays require a little extra labor and time to replace. In theory, you’ll need to change these once in the time it takes to change other high bays three times.

Maxlite LED High Bay

This fixture from MaxLite puts a premium on durability. It weighs nearly 20 pounds and is IP66 rated, which means it’s designed to withstand dust, oil, and temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.

We chose to include this high bay on our top-five list because we think it’s a great fit for industrial applications. MaxLite’s own spec sheet says they see this light being used in steel mills, heavy manufacturing plants and hangars. With those applications at the forefront of their design, you can see why this high bay doesn’t anywhere near the design flair of the Filamento. But, again, the purpose is different.

And because of that different purpose, MaxLite offers an optional 10-year warranty for this high bay. If you’ve got customers who need lighting for big spaces that create harsh operating conditions, that extended warranty is a good peace-of-mind selling point.

RAB LED High Bay

The four other lamps and fixtures on this list find themselves on both ends of the visual spectrum. Either they’re meant for an industrial setting or they’re UFO-shaped lamps that catch your eye out of the box.

This RAB LED high bay departs from the extremes and finds a place in the middle of form and function. Whereas the Filamento and Sylvania lamps will likely end up in polycarbonate or aluminum housing, this RAB light ships with a plain white housing that is perfect for spaces in which it will be visible.

We see this high bay being a great fit for modern conference rooms and meeting spaces, as well as galleries. Their plain, unassuming design fits right in with light-colored ceilings.

And, keep in mind that RAB rates this high bay at 100,000 hours, which means it beats out all but one high bay in this list.


This high bay from ProBuilt departs from the designs you see from the other lights on this list. A steel-cage housing surrounds a corn lamp that’s best used as a downlight.

This is an important high bay to include in the top five because you’ve got the option to buy models that work with or without a receptacle.

In addition to this, ProBuilt prides itself on creating heavy-duty lighting. So, while it may not be quite as tough as MaxLite’s 19-pound fixture, this high bay is likely to endure a beating much better than the Sylvania and Filamento high bays.

Keep in mind, though, that light is rated at 35,000 hours, which is fewer than the other four high bays on our list.

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