WIN MORE JOBS – Secrets & Hacks for Lighting and Electrical Contractors

Lighting and Electrical projects are in an industry that’s based both on labor and product acquisition. Established Contractors know that above all, it takes intelligence, strategy, and the right connections to win the bidding war.


Since winning a job requires submitting a bid, aligning yourself with the right electrical and lighting distributor is key. If you make the right connections, you can benefit from the Distributor’s buying power. The right Distributor can problem solve, source hard-to-find materials, and fight for better pricing- so make your choice wisely! Leveraging this relationship is also a great bargaining chip to show your clients you have exceptional resources. This can add credibility to your work and create appearance of access.

In the end, you rely on your distributor to get you the proper materials you need when they say they will. Remember, every time your distributor fails you, you fail your client. Time is Money and trust is invaluable.


By “Thinking Big”, I mean being able to look at the bigger picture. Many believe that the more projects you bid will increase your chances of winning jobs. However, this often involves taking a very small margin on the job or having to make unrealistic promises. The mistake most young contractors make is believing that winning is based solely on price. This view places all of the emphasis on the commodity, neglecting the value of the job’s many other aspects.

Although price is a factor, many experienced contractors will rely on their successful track record, well completed projects, and extensive expertise. All these things form trust and alleviate client anxiety. When a relationship is built, trust matters much more to the client than lower prices.

Finding ideal customers is the best way to keep yourself working. Examine your past customers and identify which of them was the best fit for you. Where did you make the most money? Which project did you find suited your skill set the best? Which projects can you leverage your experience on to win more? This analysis, plus a healthy relationship with an electrical and lighting distributor will keep you in control. Working more intelligently gives you a leg up on those contractors who simply bid the lowest price on every job they see.

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