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Anyone who works at home knows that it has its pros and cons. While it is nice to avoid the commute and work in the comfort of your own home, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of productivity in your home that you do in an office. One way that you can give your home office a more professional feel is by choosing the right office lighting. Here are a few options that may give you the lighting edge you need to be at your most productive as you work in your home office.

Warm Light

Trying to work with cold, old-fashioned fluorescent lighting can be quite difficult. Nothing is harder than trying to make yourself sit down and get work done when the lighting isn’t pleasant. Luckily, there are more and more options available today—including more warm colors that may make you feel more like working and less like relaxing in front of the television. Whether you choose to have a warm overhead light or a desk light – it can help you focus better in your home.

Dimmable Lights

Today’s dimmable CFLs (compact fluorescents) are better than ever before. These lights are great because they are energy efficiency, but the dimmable feature is excellent for working at home. If you are in a location where you get plenty of sunlight, dim the lights and enjoy the productivity boost of working in natural lighting. However, if you need a stronger light, for those late nights or early mornings, you have it available to you. The MaxLite Spiral 3-Way light is an affordable option in dimmable CFLs.

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LED Lights

Though LED light bulbs aren’t as commonly used as incandescent or fluorescent lights, the new breed of LED lights are highly energy-efficient and offer a brighter light than earlier generations did. You will find LED lights available in nearly any size and shape that you find standard light options. Another boost to your productivity is the longevity of these bulbs—you may go years without having to change a bulb. This is very important to a busy work at home employee.

Go Pro

If you are ready to take your home office to the next level, perhaps you want to consider the benefits of commercial lighting fixtures. Adding commercial fixtures is especially important if you work with clients, customers or vendors in your home office as it will give you that professional edge and help make your home office less like a home and more like an office. The options are extensive and many are just as attractive as they are functional.

Whether one of these lighting options is right for you, or you are still looking for the perfect light for your office, let Energy Avenue help you. Browse our website to discover traditional, LED and solar lights of all types. We are certain to offer the perfect solution to light up your home office and boost your productivity. Who knows, you may wind up becoming more productive than your “in the office” co-workers are!

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