The Ultimate Power Couple – Solar Power and LED Lighting

    Currently, it seems antiquated and downright irresponsible to continue to use traditional energy guzzling lamps (high-pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent lights) when we have so many new and more efficient options. Remaining with traditional lighting systems is the technological equivalent of the proverbial ostrich, who hides his head in the sand. This lighting model relies exclusively on the electrical power grid and typically … Read More

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What’s the Difference Between Par & R Type LED Light Bulbs

Over the years PAR and R type LED bulbs have become the go-to option because of their long lasting durability and energy efficiency. But with many PAR and R LED manufacturers in the market it can be challenging choosing the right bulb for your application. Whether your looking to upgrade indoor or outdoor lighting, knowing the differences between PAR and R types can help you … Read More

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OLEDs: An Introduction to Organic Lighting

Green home construction is on the rise. From using sustainable building materials to seeking out the latest energy-saving appliances to cut down on electricity usage, people are willing to adopt the latest green products to change their homes… Read More

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5 Benefits LED Lighting Has to Your Home and Wallet

When it comes to your home, you want the best lighting choices to promote a bright and functional working environment. Yet you also want to have the best savings for your home so you can enjoy the great lighting options without spending your entire bank account on a higher energy bill… Read More

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Meter Man’s Earth Day Adventure

Here at Energy Avenue, Meter Man is always up to some good! Whether he’s flying around the city teaching homeowners and companies about the benefits of LED light bulbs . . . Read More

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True History of the Lightbulb: 70 Years Of Inventions Before Thomas Edison’s Contributions

The creation of the light bulb was a long and arduous process that involved inventors from other countries discovering small parts of the design and perfecting on these parts until the incandescent light bulb was ready for people around the world… Read More

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Light Bulb Boxes: Make a Smarter Purchase

When we run out to the store to purchase new light bulbs, rarely do we even look at the packaging except to see how much the bulb costs what the wattage is, … Read More

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