Everything You Need To Know About Sex Lighting

Lighting is everything, especially in the bedroom. Sometimes people can ruin the sexual mood without even realizing it. Is it too bright? Too alarming? On the other hand, is the room an off putting and ominous pitch black? It has been proven that the right light can be thoroughly conducive to nights of eroticism, but why?

Certain lighting provokes different emotional reactions in us and can make us feel more comfortable or uncomfortable in a space. No one likes to get cozy when the lights are as bright as they are at your doctor’s office. And if this is your first evening together, good lighting can reduce anxiety and create relaxation and closeness.

With that said, the right lighting can work just like an aphrodisiac. So, here’s what we’ve concluded.

As a general rule, you want your lighting to be on the warmer side. Sex is mostly a visual experience, and you want all participants to look as flattering as possible. For that reason, dismantle and throw away any and all fluorescents you own (right now) and buy some LEDs. Avoid turning on your ceiling down lights unless you have Smart House lighting (like this) that allows you to dim or pre-set certain levels of light. This product comes with a remote, but also has a free app which you can control completely through your phone and by voice. Dim and warm light can bring about feelings of intimacy and awareness of your libido. Studies have found that warmer light can lead to stronger body self-esteem, bringing out your animal side and ability to enjoy pleasure that much more.

Red is the color of sex. It represents lust and romance, so when it is time for that uninhibited abandon, you may want to consider letting that crimson passion fill the room. A well placed rope light or tape light can make any table, bedpost, or shelving unit emit a provocative and racy red glow.

Invest in tape light kit (like this one) that can be controlled by remote so you can change the color and brightness according to your whim. If for whatever reason you want to avoid making your bedroom look like the Red Light District, just change the lighting color with a push of a button. Purple or orange might be good second options.

Keep in mind, the warm lights you’ll want, should have a color temperature below 2700k. Aim for lighting that reminds you of campfire light or candle light. Edison bulbs are a good choice since they not only glow dimly and warmly, they have interesting and artistic filament designs (like these). There are hundreds of interesting lamps and luminaires available so be creative.

So there you have it. Essentially, it comes down to you caring, and being attentive to your partner’s needs. The aim is to make them feel beautiful and relaxed in your most personal space, and the result is an experience you will want to repeat over and over again

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  1. Deanne says:

    Very thoughtful… the right mood and lighting can really help us all relax and destress and enjoy each other. The article helped me remember how much we forget how important our surroundings are! Thanks for the insight! I saw the lightbulb come on above my head!

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