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iTool PFC3000 - Pipe & Prefab Cart™ - 3000 lb Capacity

64-1/2" H x 34" W x 57" L (Standing); 16-1/4" H x 34" W x 57”L (Collapsed) - 250 lb. per arm, 500 combined

Part # : 91034

Manufacturer's Number

Product Description

The Pipe & Pre-fab Cart™ is great for all your pre-fab and material handling needs. The unique customizable design allows for ultimate flexibility to match the requirements of your job. Easily stackable, the Pipe & Pre-fab Cart™ features two top mount pockets for in line or side lifting of the loaded cart into trucks, through doors, and onto docks or upper levels.


iTool PFC3000 Features:

  • Stackable
  • Reversible Forklift Pockets
  • Easy to Transport Loaded
  • Pop pin base
  • Outrigger feet and brakes

iTool PFC3000 Applications:

  • Industrial use
  • Commercial use
  • Construction use

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer's Number: PFC3000
  • Brand: iTool Co
  • UPC Number: 650270083472
  • GTIN: 0650270083472
  • Length: 57"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 64.5"
  • Weight (LBS): 102

Applications/Usage & Features

The iTool PFC3000 Stackable Pipe & Prefab Cart holds numerous materials and pre-fab items. It's customizable, meaning it holds whatever is necessary for job completion. Transport this cart around the work site or load onto a truck via a forklift to another job site. It fits through doors, upper levels, and docks too.

  • Upper forklift pockets are positionable in line or parallel to forklift
  • Adjustable Outrigger feet allow for quick and easy stacking
  • Pop-pin base makes it easy to collapse and store
  • Lower forklift pockets create quick and easy jobsite mobility

64-1/2" H x 34" W x 57" L (standing)

16-1/4" H x 34" W x 57”L (collapsed)

Weight: 102 lb.

Load Capacity: 3,000 lb total

250 lb. per arm 500 combined at each level


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