Light Bulb Boxes: Make a Smarter Purchase

Lightbulb box

When we run out to the store to purchase new light bulbs, rarely do we even look at the packaging except to see how much the bulb costs what the wattage is, so we get the correct one for our lamps. Yet, the information listed on the box is extremely important as it can allow us to make better light bulb purchases. On the box, you can find out how long the bulb will last in years,how much energy savings you will receive on your electricity bill, and how bright the light will be.

Information on the Light Bulb Box

There are five important facts to be found on a light bulb box if you turn it around: Lumens, Estimated Yearly Energy Costs, Life, Light Appearance and Energy Used. It is important to know what wattage your lamp uses so you are matching the bulb to that lamp so you don’t experience any problems. Focus your next purchase on all of these facts combined as we will further explain them below.


Lumens will tell you how much light the bulb will give. Lumens are a numerical measurement. So the higher the number, the more light the bulb will produce. While the lower the number, the lower the light level.

The reason why lumens is important is when you go to replace the current lightbulb and can’t find the watt that you need. Most people will just throw up their hands in frustration and go rushing to the next store. But, the fact is that you can buy a different watt bulb and still get the same amount of light that you want for the room. So let’s say that you want an incandescent bulb that is 100-watts. A 100-watt incandescent lightbulb will give about 1600 lumens. So if the store is out of 100-watt incandescent bulbs, you can purchase a more energy-efficient 26-watt CFL lightbulb that will give 1750 lumens or a 72-watt halogen bulb that will give 1490 lumens.

Estimated Yearly Energy Costs

Everyone wants to save money on their energy bills every month. The Estimated Yearly Energy Costs will let you know how much the light bulb will cost you in energy when using the bulb for an estimated 3 hours a day at the energy rate of $0.11 cents per kilowatt hours (11c/kWh). This information is just an estimate as the electricity rate that you are charged by your specific electric company will vary. In addition, you may use the lightbulb for longer or shorter periods than the standard 3 hours listed on the box.


The Life rating on the light bulb box will let you know how long the bulb will last. The amount of life the bulb has is based on a standard that you will use the lightbulb for three hours a day. The life hours of the bulb is measured in years, so you will find the bulb might last for 9 years when using it for 3 hours a day, every day.

Light Appearance

The Light Appearance is a chart on the lightbulb box as it will have a scale that has the word Warm on one end and Cool on the other. This scale will say how bright the lightbulb will be. Yet there is more to the light appearance chart than brightness. Lightbulbs can also shine with different colors, such as a soft orange glow to a bright LED blue light.

Energy Used

The Energy Used information will tell you how much energy is used by the bulb. This energy usage is indicated by the watts of the bulb. So if you purchase a 100-watt bulb it will use up 100-watts of electricity.

Now, when you’re deciding on what light bulb to purchase next, you can better understand the information that is being provided to you to make the best decision.

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