The Night the Lights Go Out for Earth Hour


It goes without saying that in addition to the casinos, the lights are what make Las Vegas stand out from the other cities. So what happens when the city goes dark? You get Earth Hour, and it is happening this weekend, on Saturday, March 29th. Do you plan to participate, or do you even know about Earth Hour?

Introduced in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund, to promote energy conservation, Earth Hour is taking place around the world, not just in Vegas. At 8:30 p.m., businesses and homeowners shut off the lights for an hour to take a stand. Check out the official Earth Hour video for a little more info…

Here in Las Vegas – Energy Avenue’s home base – many famous casinos are doing their part, including the Venetian Palazzo, Caesars and the MGM. The casinos plan to turn off everything from marquees to exterior lights. Even the new gigantic High Roller Ferris wheel at Caesars is going dark for 60 minutes.

We here at EA plan to hit the strip Saturday night, and hope to snap a few pictures for you. Again, everyone is invited to take part, so please, feel free to get some shots at your home or business as well.

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