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LED R Floods & PAR Bulbs

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About LED R & PAR Type Bulbs

Many of our PAR / R type LED floods have life spans from 25,000+ Hours and include 3-5 year warranties (varies by product). R / PAR Type LED bulbs are a perfect solution to retrofit incandescent flood lamps, CFL flood lights or halogen flood lights in both residental or commercial applications.

R Type LED Bulbs

  • R: (Reflector)
  • BR: (Bulged Reflector)
  • AR: (Aluminum-facetted Reflector)

R Type floods provide a wider beam angle with a soft edge and are perfect for recessed downlights, track lighting, display lighting and various outdoor fixtures. Retrofitting your R type incandescent, CFL or halogen flood lights with long lasting, energy efficient LED R type floods has never been more affordable.

R Type Size Chart

r type light bulb size chart

PAR Type Bulbs

  • PAR: (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector)

PAR Type floods provide a tighter beam angle with a hard edge and act more like a spot light. PAR LEDs are perfect for track lighting, recessed lighting and flood lights. PAR LED floods are great for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can dramatically reduce your energy and maintenance costs by switching to long lasting, energy efficent LEDs.

PAR Type Size Chart

par type light bulb size chart

Need Help Finding the Right Items?

If you’re not sure what wattage or size you need, call (800) 482-0303 to speak to one of our lighting experts. We’re standing by to answer any of your questions.

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