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Saving energy and saving money go hand in hand. Most businesses have been going green not only to help the environment, but also because most energy saving technology can help beef up the bottom line in the end. In fact, there are tons of grants and rebates available to businesses (and residential consumers) who have installed energy efficient upgrades.

To make them easier to find, we’ve put together a comprehensive, interactive list of all the rebates offered by state, so let’s dig into how you can get some return on your energy efficient investment.

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Getting Started

First things first, you will need to know where to find this bucket of cash waiting to be claimed. Check out our Rebates & Incentives page, where you’ll see an orange map of the United States of America. You will notice that when you click on a state, the number of rebates and which types will appear to the right of the map. Now, once you have selected the state where you could claim a rebate, click the “Get Rebates” button.

Once on the Inside

Now that you are seeing all the rebates offered by that state, it is time to find the one that you qualify for. First, look at the titles. That should give you an indication of which type of energy saving technology would qualify and whether the rebate applies to commercial, residential or both. This page contains a handful of other information for each rebate as well.

  • The rebate amount – the dollar amount that you can expect to receive should you qualify for that specific rebate.
  • The summary – a brief explanation of what the rebate requirements are and who is offering the rebate.
  • Contact information – going through the website to contact the rebate provider is recommended, but in most cases there will be an email and phone number provided, so use whichever you are most comfortable with.

Apply Within

When you choose to use the website for a rebate listing, you will be led directly to where the rebate information lives on the provider’s site. There you can find more details on what qualifies you for the rebate and how to submit an application form to get the rebate process in motion.

Getting money back from your investments is the reason you make them in the first place. Investing in energy savings not only helps your business and the environment but also can put a little back in your pocket when you have the right tools!

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