State and Local Power Companies Offer Rebates to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

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The larger the building, the more energy it uses. Normally, you would just throw up your hands in defeat and just open up your wallet a little wider when the high energy bill comes in the mail. Yet power companies are striving for people to make better choices in regards to the amount of electricity they use, and in the end help these people save more on their energy bills.

Rebates and Incentives to Entice People to More Energy-Efficient Operations

Energy rebates and financial incentives are geared to residential homes and commercial operations. These rebates are offered through state and local power companies to promote people to take the active steps in installing home appliances, retrofitting commercial equipment and designing projects targeted at being more energy-efficient.

Purchasing Energy-Saving Appliances and Equipment

Local and state power companies may offer incentives when you purchase and install appliances and equipment designed to give more energy-savings. This equipment is for use in both residential and commercial buildings. A type of energy-efficient purchases that may qualify for these incentives includes:

  • HVAC systems
  • Windows and skylights
  • Doors
  • Roofs
  • Solar panels
  • Appliances
  • Water heaters
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Insulation and weatherization products

Local and state power companies will offer a range of different rebates. To find out what qualifies, you should contact your power supplier before making purchases to find out what product and energy-efficient changes made to the building fall into their rebate standards and how to obtain these incentives.

Commercial Construction and Retrofit Rebates

Commercial, agricultural and industrial businesses can obtain energy rebates for taking initiatives in constructing buildings that are energy-efficient. The building design must meet or exceed energy efficiency standards set by the utility company. To take part of this incentive program, the commercial building must be constructed in the area that receives services by the power company. Before construction, you and your design team will need to send in an application to the power company’s specific program, such as PG&E Savings By Design, during the design phase to ensure the building construction project will meet standards and to receive additional assistance to increase the energy efficiency measures of the building.

Commercial retrofit rebates allow for existing buildings to seek out energy savings with the installation of new highly efficient equipment. The rebates can be offered for all types of equipment such as technology retrofits for data centers to efficient lighting in small businesses. The amount of the rebate you may be given will be based on how much energy reduction is obtained from the retrofits. By reducing energy consumption, you can obtain these incentives while seeing a lower energy bill. Some of the retrofit rebates can also be applied to home-based businesses depending on the power company’s energy efficiency program.

Commercial Custom Bid Energy Programs

To spark commercial and industrial companies to seek out efficient operations that use less energy, power companies may also offer rebates in the form of custom bid programs. You can create a project that fits into your specific operations and processes that is designed to use less energy. The amount of the rebate offered will be negotiated between you and the power company, although you will often see a greater savings than rebates offered when obtaining retrofits or designing new buildings.

Save Money on Your Next Energy Bill with Rebates And Incentives

The number of rebates and incentives available to residents and commercial business owners are numerous and may be specific to the power company that provides service in your area. To obtain a full listing of programs, you can contact the power company directly or search for energy efficiency programs through the Small Business Administration and the United States Department of Energy/NC Clean Energy DSIRE database. You may also contact your state’s energy administration offices.

The time to start saving energy is now. See the amount of savings to your energy bill by taking part in these available rebate programs.

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