The Ultimate Power Couple – Solar Power and LED Lighting

    Currently, it seems antiquated and downright irresponsible to continue to use traditional energy guzzling lamps (high-pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent lights) when we have so many new and more efficient options. Remaining with traditional lighting systems is the technological equivalent of the proverbial ostrich, who hides his head in the sand. This lighting model relies exclusively on the electrical power grid and typically uses traditional light bulbs, which consume copious amounts of energy. We know now that this model is unsustainable! Nevertheless, fear not. Before us is a major solution/upgrade you can find within the marriage of Solar Panel Systems and LED Lighting.

It should go without mentioning but LED lamps last much longer and consume much less energy (despite the fact that they produce brighter crisper light) than it’s predecessors. This makes it the yin to the solar panels yang. Solar panels may be costly in the beginning, but once installed, they never stop saving you money. That big burning star in the daylight sky is its main power source, resulting in less reliance on traditional power from the wire-connected electrical grid.

Look at it this way, every second the sun is out, the panels are collecting energy. The panels then send that energy to an inverter, which transfers the excess solar power to a “Solar Battery”. When night falls, the solar battery helps power the home, and since the home is using LED lamps, less energy is consumed and more money is saved on your next electric bill. It’s like a married couple that plays to each other’s strengths.

Another cool factor is that Solar Energy can be fed back into the power grid. In other words, when the panels have collected more energy than your home needs, that excess energy goes into the grid to power other fixtures around town. In return for this gift of your beautiful energy, your city will often offer you credits on your energy bill, which will be low anyway since you’ll be using LEDs. Win. Win.

Finally, and perhaps most important benefit to this Power Pairing is the impact (or lack of one) it has on our environment. Not only is Solar Energy clean (as opposed to say, fossil fuels), the LEDs also benefit the Earth since they have a much longer life and are recyclable. LEDs contain no toxic components such as mercury, which is incredibly harmful to pretty much all living things on this planet.

It is not taking long for the Commercial and Financial sectors to catch on that in order to make the above system function, it’s time that companies pair up. More and more Solar Power companies are joining up with LED Distributors to tag team the process and equip homes with their products. Other industries are getting in on the action too, like Roofers, Contractors, and Property Managers. As more and more people realize the benefits of Solar Power and LEDs, it becomes clear that this couple is in it for the long haul. In all aspects of this situation, everybody is winning!

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