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Rapid advances in LED and fluorescent lighting technology have led to a surge in consumer demand. Although the traditional incandescent bulb is still competitive with these new light-producers, the steadily decreasing initial costs of LED pendant lights may soon phase these out. Furthermore, LEDs tend to work better for different situations – such as task lighting and exceptionally bright, low-energy outdoor lighting.

Using LEDs for drop lighting isn’t only functional – it can make a very fashionable statement. Because of the range of color temperatures, you can implement cool or pure white for the kitchen for a clean, mesmerizing effect. People tend to use the warmer white colors for comfortable, relaxing settings such as the living room and bedrooms. Varying the color of the LED pendant lights from room-to-room creates a transitional effect that creates a pleasant and distinct mood for your entire house; and is highly amenable to various decoration styles.

Task Lighting with LED Pendant Lights
This is probably the most common use for drop lights; it takes advantage of the exceptionally high brightness vs. power consumption ratio of LEDs in general. This concentrated lighting is of great use over a kitchen island, where it illuminates the cooking area, or directly overhead kitchen cabinets – where the cast-off lighting is so bright it reaches the back of the cupboard. Anywhere in your home where tasks are performed would do well to have LED pendant lights, both for safety and to ensure a job well-done. There are even people who place a single drop light in an average-sized closet.

Drop Lights as Decorations and for Entertainment
The variability of LED pendant lights makes them a first choice for home decorations. You can buy dimmer LED bulbs, or attach a dimmer separately, to change the ambiance of the room. For example, a guest area is an excellent room for bright LEDs that are warm white, where the dimmers can be used to further soften the light as the night wears on and the gathered get more comfortable. In the same vein, nobody wants the lights on full blast if you’re watching a Pay-Pay-View event or having a movie night.

The interior décor of your home is further enhanced by hand-crafted LED pendant lights to fit a particular style. Recessed overhead enclosures increase the light spread laterally, while maintaining the direct overhead concentration of light for particular tasks. Pendant lights protruding from the ceiling and suspended by extension wires confer their own unique look to the living space as well. There are all kinds of designs and artistic assemblages – some even feature blown glass and sculptured models – that can add a visual appeal to the overall room. You can even install the drop light first, and then search for glass slate fixtures (or other transparent design) to hang from the fixtures and cast the light around in unique patterns. These tend to feature well in multiple-storied buildings, with perhaps an atrium or staircase as part of the design scheme.

Things to Keep in Mind
Before you begin the search for your LED pendant lights, it’s a good idea to specify the hazy design ideas you have in mind. For example, if you’re a task light that protrudes from the ceiling over your work area, take an account of the size and scale of the area. You want to know if the region of light extending beyond that requires a longer fixture, so that it doesn’t light up the rest of the bedroom if it’s double occupancy. Similarly, for the kitchen, you want drop lights over the seating area, you need to make sure the average tall person can sit there without bumping her head – measure the clearance and add a few inches more for variation.

Drop lights make excellent security lights, too. Because of the directness overhead, they cast a clear vision of everything in the area; the fact that they use 85% less energy than traditional incandescent means you can keep them on all night without worrying about the bill. Because of their long life, size and variability in design, it’s a good bet that you can find some more unique uses for LED pendant lights.

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