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Energy Avenue Warehouse

Our Warehouse is Stocked with Inventory, Ready to Ship To You.

Energy Avenue’s 50,000 square foot warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of our best qualities. That’s because within this large space, we house over 10,000 electrical and lighting SKUs in stock at any time, and can easily ship your order on the same day if you’ve purchased on a weekday before 1PM Eastern Standard Time. We also offer express and overnight delivery and impeccable customer service.

Our large, accessible warehouse allows us to offer the fastest service to YOU, the most important part of the Energy Avenue equation. We pack and ship orders continuously throughout each business day and work hard to get them to you as quickly as possible. We keep as much as we can in house so our prices stay low and your needs are met quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Why Such a Large Inventory?

Having such a large inventory puts us in a unique position to serve our commercial contractors. When a large order is needed, we have the capacity to fill it within the time frame they need. No unnecessary delays, and no backorders. You get the products you need, when you need it!

Energy Avenue is happy to bring you the best products and brands at the best prices. Now that’s a bright idea.